Strategies for Individuals

Our advisors utilize a comprehensive, in-depth Financial Planning approach to ensure that our client’s financial outlook is secure for themselves and their famililes, Some of the services we offer . . . 

Portfolio Management

Our advisors through their affiliation with APFS use in-depth analysis and a broad array of tools and resources to construct, review, and monitor investment portfolios. Careful consideration is given to ensure that every portfolio is constructed in alignment with the needs, goals, and risk tolerance of each individual investor. Tax implications. investment restrictions, and surrender charges and penalties on current investments are always considered.

At Synergy Wealth Strategies our representatives believe that constructing the portfolio is the beginning of the relationship, not the end result. It is imperative that portfolios are constantly reviewed to ensure that investors assets are invested for optimum performance with respect to the individuals goals and objectives.

Our client's goals are well thought out and often quite complex. Their portflios should reflect the same. We do not believe in simple "cookie cutter" solutions to complex issues. At Synergy Wealth Strategies, our investment advisory team spends the time to carefully consider the intricate issues of each individual, and utilize the products and services that best suit the individual needs of each client.

Some of the investments options used to create portfolios include, but are not limited to:

  • Stocks 
  • Bonds 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) 
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA's) 
  • Annuities 
  • Unit Trusts 
  • Alternative Investments 
  • Limited Partnerships

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Retirement Planning


Managing an investment portfolio can be complex and difficult. Generating a consistent retirement income from a portfolio can be overwhelming. There are many “potholes” on the road to a steady retirement income that must be avoided. The Synergy Retirement Income Service advisory team helps clients to convert their assets into a predictable monthly income, while taking into account the importance of asset preservation and the frequent desire to leave a legacy for loved ones.

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Estate Planning


After a lifetime of hard work and saving, clients deserve the peace of mind that 

comes from knowing that their legacy is secure. Our Certified Financial PlannersTM are well versed on the most current products, services, and techniques available. Our experts work closely with your legal and tax advisors to ensure that your heirs receive the maximum amount in the most tax efficient manner possible.

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Special Needs


Planning Families of children with disabilities face a unique set of challenges and complex issues that while financially related, often have much deeper emotional undercurrents.

If something happens to me, who will care for my disabled child?

Will they know what my child likes? Can they maintain the routines necessary to keep him/her well?

Will there be enough money to provide the quality of care that he/ she requires?

Will an inheritance preclude him/her from receiving necessary government assistance?

And many other questions . . .

It is important to utilize advisors that have the unique experience in dealing with these important issues. Our advisors are trained to work closely with your legal advisors to ensure that the framework is in place to provide the best quality of life for your disabled child. Synergy President James Verdi has completed his studies for the Certifies Special Needs Advisor designation awarded by Merrill Lynch's Families of Children with Disabilities Program.

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Insurance Planning


It is our philosophy to minimize risk wherever possible. While not all risk can be eliminated, many risks can be insured against. Synergy Wealth Strategies offers a full range of Insurance Products that includes, but not limited to:

  • Life Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Long Term Care Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance

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Lending Programs


In order to provide the most accurate analysis of an individuals financial situation, it is imperative that both sides of the balance sheet are analyzed, including assets and liabilities. Our advisors are well versed on current lending issues and can help guide you to qualified lenders for various needs.

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